The first plans for the creation of the Virus Inhumanity were forged in the beginning of 2019 AD, when a few deranged music scientists came together to plot a worldwide hostage. The laboratory that was based in Heusden, Belgium was the perfect spot to start planning the way to conquer humanity. The scientists at that time were Dimi (Vocals), Robbie (Guitar), John (Guitar) and CJ (Bass). They found aamatching co-conspirator in Sepp (Drums) who joined the band in April 2019. Together, they wanted to succeed in adding the right amount of poison to their virus. A few weeks later the inevitable happened: the first exposure of Virus Inhumanity, back then in disguise under the name Instant Karma.

Feeling the urge to keep improving after their first outbreak, the five cruel conspirators wanted to set goal for an addictive sound. So they began re-constructing and amending to make it more powerfull and fierceful then its original. New creative elements were found inspired by compounds of other culture moving groups, such as Lamb Of God, Pantera, Deicide, Sepultura and even Soundgarden. The ultimate aim was to blend a sonorous virus that would be as contagious as it would be deadly : “Virus Inhumanity”. Getting people to zombie like follow the will of Metal and to unhesitatingly start moshpits is the goal.

The band wouldn’t stop with just being content. They wanted to get on stage with a bang, move crowds and connect with the audience. The only way to get noticed is to combine their virus creating talents, which is just what you will want to hear. A different and addictive wave of enjoyment. Virus Inhumanity is meant to feed your musical brain and to give you the appreciation you need to get addicted, forever.

After home-recording their genetical constructions (between december 2019 - march 2020), Virus Inhumanity and CJ found that their combination didn’t produce the desired effect. After this... COVID-19 struck upon the world. This made Virus Inhumanity create a COVID-19 inspired nuke, which went viral on the 22nd of march, 2020. The band kept busy, experimenting with new formulas...

In august 2021, Virus Inhumanity wanted to release their brew upon live audience. In need for a fifth conspirator, they found Elvis to take on the massive bass sounds. This, resulting in a recording session at Project Zero studios. At october 2021, Virus Inhumanity (with the help of Yarne Heylen) produced the ultimate nuclear sensation: Infectious.

After these recordings, John didn’t feel like fitting in with the vibes this Virus gave him. Fortunate we ran into yet another lab technician, called Daan, who fit in with the other very well in a short amount of time. The Virus Inhumanity is ready to spread... once again... unstoppable...

Virus Inhumanity is

Dimi Vocals

Robbie Guitar

Daan Guitar

Elvis Bass

Sepp Drums